Currently the BBC only broadcasts current affairs or light

It’s important not to ignore a problem. Sweeping it under the carpet is not the same as dealing with it. Attack problems with a razor sharp focus and a real passion for solving them. Aisling will oversee BBC England non news TV portfolio including long running current affairs programme Inside Out. She will also develop opportunities to commission more TV and online content for English audiences by working with other parts of the BBC.BBC England includes all the BBC regional and local services in the English regions such as local radio and regional TV.The Head of TV Commissioning role for BBC England was created to develop a new approach to content commissioning for TV and online and to deliver content across other genres. Currently the BBC only broadcasts current affairs or light factual programmes aimed specifically at audiences in the English regions.Aisling O who began her career at LWT, has worked at every level of TV production including a stint as a presenter of consumer affairs programme Watchdog.Aisling says: looking forward to working across England, delivering content which reflects the lives and stories of our diverse audience, from Hull to Hastings, Newcastle to Newquay.

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