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However, simply mandating it ignores the issue of whether the

For the topping: Roll out the pizza dough on a lightly floured surface as thinly as possible Dough should be roughly 17 by 10 inches. Place on a large baking sheet. Drizzle lightly with the olive oil and sprinkle lightly with salt. But pesticides matter, too. May Berenbaum, head of the entomology department at the University of Illinois at Champaign Urbana, points out that insecticides are designed to kill insects, so it’s not surprising that they have an impact on bees. The problem, though, isn’t limited to one class of insecticides.

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That means that the bloat that killed the iPod is unlikely to

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James Connolly, the socialist revolutionary, said that

Setting the scene

That goose outlet canada figure is less than half of today’s Borough population and many of the little townlands of 1914 have long since become accepted as part and parcel of ‘the town’.

When one contemplates this enormous growth which took place mostly in the latter half of the 20th century, it makes the toll taken on the area by canada goose outlet online uk the seemingly insatiable canada goose outlet online demands of the first ‘Total War’ all the more poignant.

Imagine a Ballymena where the two vast Ballykeel estates were countryside; a Harryville which ended as a housing area at Casement Street on one side and Queen Street on the other; Ballee was simply farm land with the odd labourer’s or farmer’s house dotted here Canada Goose sale and there.

The north end of the town had its major centres of population in Alexander canada goose outlet jackets Street now a car park Springwell Street, Albert Place, Garfield Place and long forgotten clusters of houses in ‘Flag Lane’ and ‘William Street Square’.

In the central part canada goose coats on sale of the town streets like Mill Row vanished under the bulldozer in the 1970s, although Clonavon still stands from that time; huge chunks of Galgorm Street have disappeared and so too the famous portrait of King Billy was once at the entrance to a collection of tiny terraced streets.

There were no private developments at Carniny, Galgorm or Ballymoney Road.

The average Ballymena citizen of 1914 lived in cramped conditions with only the very basic facilities to call on. Despite the advent of the car, most people journeyed for any distance by rail and most town deliveries were made by the 1914 equivalent of ‘white van man’ in a horse and cart.

But from these little streets where wages were poor and life often short, came hundreds upon hundreds of volunteers for ‘Kitchener’s Army’. But a great many of them canada canada goose outlet goose uk shop did not look upon the man made famous cheap canada goose by the ‘Your Country Needs You’ poster as their natural leader they had their own charismatic chief in Sir Edward Carson, the Dublin born QC who was absolutely determined to oppose Home Rule by whatever means.

One of the most apparent means at his disposal was his own ‘private army’ the 80,000 men who were members of the Ulster Volunteers.

The history of the pre 1914 UVF is widely documented and canada goose outlet new york Canada Goose Parka city available. Suffice to say that the men of 1912 14 joined their local volunteer unit because they sincerely believed that Ulster might well official canada goose outlet have to fight and they were determined as were there many sympathisers on the British mainland and through the Empire that Ulster would be right!

How many of them seriously thought they would end up in a confrontation with Britain’s tiny but extremely professional canada goose outlet black friday army is impossible to gauge. What we can say for certain is that Carson’s staff imported huge numbers of rifles for illegal purposes buy canada goose jacket in the famous ‘Clyde Valley’ gun running incident. Nor were these rifles just for show and bluster.

In the ranks of the UVF were hundreds perhaps several thousands of men who had served with the British army.

Many of them were officers of the landed gentry class or sons of the Manse and Rectory. Even greater numbers were ex soldiers and NCOs who had seen action in the Boer War and many of the other ‘little wars’ of Empire.

Above: Local solicitor and prominent Ulster Volunteer Robert Cliffird Orr (killed in action as Captain Orr, Somerset Light Infantry 1914) with members of the nursing corps of the North Antrim Regiment, Ulster Volunteer Force.

While they were more militaristic in outlook and without doubt better trained, the Ulster Volunteers who flocked to ‘the colours’ in 1914 shared many of the qualities of the mushrooming ‘Pals Battalions’ being formed in mainland Britain.

These battalions enlisted so they could serve together as cohesive units. Thus you had battalions made up of London Postmen, Glasgow Boys’ Brigade members or Liverpool clerks. There was a great spirit of unity and comradeship in these enthusiastically patriotic units a spirit which helped the army, desperate for reinforcements to mould them into fighting men for the battles ahead.

But when dozens of these units were thrown into the maelstrom of World War One, the scale of slaughter affecting small towns and villages could be truly awful. In Ballymena, like many other towns in Northern Ireland, if you ask the average person in the street to mention a First World War battle they will reply ‘The Somme.’

Most certainly, Ulster did suffer sad losses on the 1st day of that meat grinding battle, but casualties were equally horrendous throughout the length canada goose factory outlet and breadth of Britain. There is a tendency nowadays to simply think in terms of ‘The Somme’ and the charge of the 36th (Ulster) Division, but it should be remembered that the Great War lasted from 1914 18 and there were other days and months when Ballymena was to feel the pain of loss.

And it should not be forgotten that a number of Ballymena men whose political aspirations were diametrically opposed to the more numerous Ulster Volunteers also joined the colours.

Many of these served with famous Regiments of yesteryear such as the Leinster Regiment, the Connaught Rangers, The Royal Munster Fusiliers, and the well respected ‘Dubs’ the Royal Dublin Fusiliers.

Nationalists, for whom the establishment of an Irish ‘home rule’ canada goose outlet in usa parliament in Dublin had been the principal political aim for most of the 19th century, were committed to the war effort by their leader, John Redmond, in September 1914. This was on the grounds that the necessary legislation had been passed (though in fact it was suspended for the duration of the war), and that the ‘freedom of small nations’ (such as Belgium or Serbia) was that of Ireland as well.

The plight of gallant, Catholic little Belgium, invaded by a militaristic aggressor, was disadvantageously compared with Ireland, achieving freedom (so Redmond argued) within the British Empire, rather like Canada or Australia.

Unionists, who were particularly concentrated in the northern province of Ulster, naturally needed less justification to join up. Having from 1912 organised a sizeable, armed, paramilitary ‘Ulster Volunteer Force’ (UVF) to oppose home rule and secure the union with Great Britain, they could scarcely stand idly by when Great Britain itself went to war.

Despite some jockeying for party advantage, a substantial proportion of the UVF enlisted to form the predominantly unionist and almost wholly Protestant 36th (Ulster) Division. Nationalists, themselves mostly Catholic, joined the other two of Lord Kitchener’s ‘New Army’ divisions raised in Ireland: the 10th (Irish) and 16th (Irish) Divisions.

But Irishmen joined up for more than political reasons.

Some were simply after adventure, canada goose outlet store like Tom Barry, later to become a noted IRA commander, who enlisted in June 1915 ‘to see what war was like, to get a gun, to see new countries and to feel like a grown man’.

For others there was an economic motive. James Connolly, the socialist revolutionary, said that employment opportunities were so bad in Ireland that men had no choice but to enlist. It was, he asserted, ‘economic conscription’. Certainly an unskilled worker might more than double his pay by uk canada goose joining up.

By canada goose outlet shop some accounts, Francis Ledwidge, poet, nationalist and trade union organiser, enlisted on the rebound from an unhappy love affair. And yet others, as the historian Philip Orr has argued, Canada Goose online may have been borne along on ‘a surge of naive patriotism’.

The first of the Irish New Army Divisions to see action was the 10th Division, which landed at Suvla Bay in Gallipoli in August 1915. The composition of one battalion, the 7th Royal Dublin Fusiliers, illustrates the wide social range of canada goose factory sale Irish recruits. ‘D’ Company, which was nicknamed ‘The Footballers’ included many rugby playing professional men, as well as a professor of law from Dublin University who died at Suvla.